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Your #made-to-fit



We are always on our mobile emailing colleagues, messaging friends, watching a video, or reading an article.  Our precious time is slowly being eaten away by the ever increasing cadence of urban life and technology, and our hands are always busy! Having a backpack as the it”

bag is not only a practical but also a stylish choice.


Although we are not serious collectors, the backpack collection does accumulate with time.  The camping backpack, the workout pack, the x-game

pack, the camera pack and the most used and loved of all is the everyday pack: a backpack that is versatile enough for everyday use and trendy

enough for every occasion.  With the frequent use comes wear and tear; the straps and the connecting stitches between the straps and the pack are

always the first to go.


The patent X:STRAP system is designed for easy disassembling for washing; replacing a new pair of strap without throwing your beloved pack away; mix-and-matching the colours according to taste and outfit of the day!

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